Dave’s Channel Dredging Process


Village Staff investigated the process, issues and costs for dredging Dave’s Channel.  Information from previous work performed by the Village Engineer in conjunction with new information obtained from work recently complete in Round Lake Beach was also used to determine facts about a project of this type.  The project would consist of dredging silt from the channel that is between Washington Street and Round Lake to enhance outdoor recreation activities and improve the water quality in the Round Lake watershed.


The channel is approximately 1,500 feet long by 60 feet wide and is considered to be Waters of the United States.  As such, the project would require a permit from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.


The volume of silt to be removed from the channel was estimated at 16,667 cubic yards (assuming removal of a five foot layer of silt), which leads to a removal cost estimate of either $1,470,000 or $1,820,000, which are the costs for hydraulic or mechanical removal processes, in that order.  In 2008, the costs for the work in Round Lake Beach were $88.00 per cubic yard and $109.00 per cubic yard and these costs were utilized for the estimates.  The planning study would be approximately $20,000 and the engineering is estimated at $30,000.


A risk of the dredging includes potential collapse of seawalls, other structures, and unstabilized property immediately adjacent to the stream.  It would be likely that repairs would be needed on private property to ensure that property in the future would not erode into the channel, adding to the overall cost of the project.  Those costs are not included in the silt removal estimate provided above and would be determined during the engineering phase of the project.


Other risks to the cost of the project include potentially contaminated soil and the location/cost for disposal of the dredged material.  Samples of the silt would be taken during the engineering phase to determine if there were any problems and a cost estimate for disposal would also be conducted at that time.


Round Lake Beach obtained a grant in the amount of approximately $20,000 from SMC for planning and studies.  However, grants have not been available to cover the costs to perform the work.  In 2010, a request was made to obtain federal dollars to do the project with the support of the Round Lake Park District and the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, however, the project was not approved.



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