Urban Forest Policy


The Village of Round Lake has experienced significant growth in recent years. It is anticipated that this growth will continue well into the future. As the community has grown, so have our inventory of street trees and the public awareness of trees grown. In response to the need to address our growing urban forest, the Village has retained a forestry consultant to assist us in developing our management plan. The management plan has set the following course of action.


The existing Village ordinances recognized the need for tree protection and tree planting; however, they were very inadequate in meeting our needs. The attached Tree and Landscape Preservation Manual has been approved as ordinances by the Mayor and Board of Trustees in February 2006.

The manual is in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it from the Adobe website.

Tree Planting Standards

Village standards for tree planting and detailed planting specifications are in place. Landscape plan reviews for new subdivisions include species selections, tree inspection before planting, site preparation to improve tree survivability, and a comprehensive program for tree maintenance and inspection before acceptance by the Village. The Village has initiated a tree planting program. The intent of the program is to replace dead and missing trees on an ongoing basis. In the spring of 2006, the plan called for the program to be contracted for three years at a time. This will be more cost effective and insure consistency.

Tree Pruning

Specifications are being prepared for a comprehensive tree pruning that will establish a three year pruning rotation for newly planted trees and a 6 year rotation for established trees. After three cycles for the new trees they will be included in the 6 year Village wide pruning rotation. Completing the 3 year rotation for three cycles is important to insure proper clearances are maintained for roadways, traffic control devices, and walks. It is critical to insure that the structure of the new trees is properly established for their long term growth habit.

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